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A gem in north

By area, Saltvik is the biggest municipality in Åland. There is also much to see here. The municipality can, among other things, brag with the highest mountain, the biggest plain and the biggest cave in all of Åland.

The archipelago of northern Åland is the most beautiful one according to many. Bays cut deep into the land, and beyond is an extensive archipelago surrounded by clear water.

Åland’s biggest plain, Hagaslätten, is located in Saltvik. This is why Saltvik is called the grain shed of Åland. Big fields spread out and farmers are growing seeds, sugar beets and potatoes.

The municipality has a rich history. When Åland emerged from the sea about 10 000 years ago, Saltvik was the first land to be seen. From the top of Åland’s highest mountains Orrdalsklint and Kasberget, is a splendid view over both the plaindistricts in southwest and the sea in north. Read more about our interesting history here.

By car, Saltvik is only 20-30 minutes away from Mariehamn. Welcome!