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Saltvik in brief


By land area, Saltvik is the largest municipality in Åland. The total area is 1 161,8 km², of which 150,7 km² is land, 4,7 km² lakes and 1006,4 km² sea. The municipality’s land area is divided by a long gulf, Saltviksfjärden (the Gulf of Saltvik). As a natural result, people often talk about eastern and western Saltvik.

The villages

In the municipality there are 36 villages. At the end of 2006, Ödkarby had 320 inhabitants and was the biggest village in Saltvik and the fourth biggest village in Åland.


Just over 6 000 years ago, the first settlers came to Åland. The long valley between Orrdalsklint and Långbergen in eastern Saltvik, became the place for the first settlers. Today Saltvik has just over 1 730 inhabitants.


About 50% of the people living in Saltvik work in the service industry or in the public sector. 15% work in transport and 14% in industry. Construction and farming/fishing employ, respectively, 10 and 7%.


In Saltvik you can find the three highest mountains in Åland: Orrdalsklint (128,8 metres), Kasberget (114,2 metres) and Långbergen (just over 100 metres).
Saltvik is located in northern Åland, about 20 kilometres from Mariehamn.